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Discovery Driven Mobile User Acquisition

Much like Bob Dylan’s famous lyrics “The Times They Are A-Changin”, User Acquisition is changing, and maintaining the status quo will increasingly lead to failure.

Discovery Driven Mobile User Acquisition is where we are headed, and this is good for everyone- if you can keep up. But User Acquisition is a-changing, and maintaining the status quo will increasingly lead to failure.

The typical Mobile User Acquisition model is based on a 60-30-10 rule:

  • 60% Dedication to Ad Networks
  • 30% Growth Mechanics
  • 10% App Store Optimization

(ASO stands for App Store Optimization and  is essentially SEO for applications)

This model is a problem because it’s not only ineffective and obnoxious, but it’s also bad for the Mobile Ecosystem.

Here at Mobile Action, we have been challenging this norm since day one! We have proven our model with every client we partner with, and now we’re giving it a name! We’re calling it: The Discovery Driven Mobile User Acquisition Model.

Our Discovery Driven Mobile User Acquisition model is based on a 40-40-20


  • 40% Dedication to ASO
  • 40% Growth Mechanics
  • 20% Ad Networks

Why is Discovery Driven Mobile User Acquisition so special?

ASO is the method customers utilize to FIND YOU

Growth Mechanics is how customers USE AND SHARE your app

Ad Networks are only used for short bursts of exposure- YOU FINDING CUSTOMERS

This Model flips UA completely on it’s head, and this is great for everyone!


Because of the following:

  • Less obnoxious advertisements
  • Users that FIND YOU are more loyal because they were searching for an app that solved their problem
  • It’s less expensive
  • It’s much more sustainable
  • The best products rank at the top of their category
  • It shifts apps to a more customer-focused growth model

Just like the old saying, “If you have to convince people you’re tough, you’re not tough”.

If your company has to convince new users to try your company out through advertising, then something is wrong with your product and/or strategy.

If you have an application that solves a problem for customers, then you don’t need an excessive ad budget. If you’re adequately discoverable, they will find your product through proper alignment with the app store(s) algorithm.

If you have a great product, then they will continue to use it and share with their friends and family. The light Ad Spending is only there to sweeten the pot and periodically increase the velocity of downloads.

The sooner your company switches to this model, the more of an edge you will have.

Eventually, it will become evident to the consumer when a company is still dependent on an Ad-heavy Model. Customers are savvy, and tired of advertising, sooner than later they will begin to have a good filter for bullshit brands.

This is the model that has worked for every one of our customers, and now we’re sharing it with you.

Below is an Info-graphic that highlights many of the moving parts associated with ASO, Growth Mechanics, and Ad Networks. In addition to giving an overview of which parts to focus on, there is a breakdown on the reiteration cycles, the level of difficulty in each section and the recommended dedication of effort/resources.

Let’s work together and shift our focus to a more sustainable UA strategy that is good for your business, good for the consumer, and good for the Mobile Eco-system.

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